I know that we play video games now where you can kill people, or you get respawned, and I know there are a lot of tv shows that do not necessarily show life as a thing that is valued, or that we should value the life we have and the life of others, but all of these shootings have really started to make me angry. I mean, murder has been around since the dawn of man, whether you think its cavemen, or it was Cain and Abel, it had its purpose, and it is always sad to see someone loose their life and to watch the person who committed the murder either get away with it or struggle with the fact that they could have done that. But whether you believe in a God or if you don’t you have to admit that there is value in life, and in other people’s lives. It is the highest value of anything on earth, life is worth more to me than Gold or Silver, and should be worth more than Gold or silver to others as well. I would rather take a bullet and die, than let someone die who does not deserve to die. I value life and the life of others that much. I think that we need to start teaching about the value of life in schools and in the home. Whether you believe in a higher power or higher being, or not, you should still be able to admit that religion teaches a good value of life, and I think that it is necessary to learn about it in school. It should not be shoved on people to make them believe, but there is value in learning it, there is value in everything around us and I think religion is the best teacher on that subject. All of these shootings in the last year have really put it into perspective for me, I think that LIfe is not valued anymore, I think that with the atheistic ideals and ideas (that when you die, you are dead and there is nothing to it) are causing the problem because if you are just gonna die and be dead why live, you know why you should live, because every breath you breathe and every word that comes off your lips, every time your heart pumps, or your synapses work to form a cogent thought, that is a gift. Life is a gift. Whether or not you see it as the Expensive jacket or ipod that you wanted, or if you see it as the ugly sweater that your aunt gave you, it is still worth something, and it should not be taken lightly. Life is so, so, so valuable, you should not just throw it away or take someone else’s chance to live away from them. Whether or not you think it is the right thing to do at that time, or if you just want to die, life is made up of the good and the bad, your personality is shaped by both, and they are both a part of you, so do not look upon life as evil or dumb or stupid, look at it as though it is the most valuable thing on the planet, because it is. 


The Orange County Shooting

The shooting yesterday in Orange, California happened right down the street from my high school, Orange Lutheran High School. The trouble was at the intersection of Katella and Wanda. The Shooting was a little scary because it was so close to school and I was a little on edge in the morning because I did not have enough time to sit and watch the media coverage of the event that took place, so I do not know that much about what happened, but I do know that I am really sick of the shootings that have been happening, I mean, the Guns aren’t the problem guys, its the people, and they do not seem to care much about the meaning of life or what life is worth. It makes me sad that they cannot see what life is worth, because that is something that I hold very high in my own personal hierarchy of important things and thoughts.